Successful people change, always, continuously, and relentlessly. Whether it is in response to the market or their own goals, high achievers are always changing, altering and adjusting. Successful people know they must constantly change and adapt if they are to remain successful. They know not to move slowly and that to triumph one thing remains a constant – CHANGE

Below are 10 strategies that when mastered will make a difference:


GLOOM AND DOOM IS EVERYWHERE! In the papers, on the news, all over the Internet, even in our daily conversations. Many of us are getting depressed and caught up in this propaganda at a rapid pace. It is even beginning to spill into our personal and professional lives as we begin to buy into it. So what’s the answer? STOP immediately! Get your blinders out and use them!

When a market change occurs, confusion follows. Not only in the marketplace but in the mind and body as well. What to think and do becomes fuzzy because what once worked is no longer working and you may not know why. Don’t let yourself panic – when the market changes there is only one thing to do – change with it. In truth you need a mental and physical shift.


Like Einstein said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

You must adapt change in order to thrive. If you don’t — you risk remaining forever in survival mode.


Even though you know history repeats itself, in order to profit, you must remember it. You must take three steps forward but no more than two backwards in this type of environment; this way you’re absorbing the hit and you’re still more than just surviving. The key is to be resilient and on your toes – take the hit but don’t get knocked out. Change what you need to change, do what you need to do.

In order to thrive you’ll need to shift gears. Can you put it in another gear? This is where most “freeze”. If you can shift gears – shifting both your thinking and your tactics – you’ll accelerate ahead of the rest.

Get Focused

NOW’s the time to double your efforts to grow. Don’t panic, that doesn’t mean doubling the time. It means doubling the FOCUS and the intensity so that you are more efficient and effective during the time spent.

If the market spells chaos, then the chaos spells opportunity. You can slip past the competition while they are stuck with their heads in the sand.

Identify the important and be sure it gets done.

Read Read Read

There are SO MANY trade journals that provide invaluable information about your industry and individual market and yet few are reading them. READ THEM.

Also, the Wall Street Journal is probably superior to the local newspaper. Read books to get new ideas for your business. My criteria for a good book is 1 good idea – that’s it, just 1.

Have a Goal/Have a Plan

If you don’t have a goal you will never reach it, right? And you need measurable and specific goals.

YOU MUST PLAN DAILY to be sure the important is getting done. What about focusing on the money making action steps first?

It’s like taking a road trip – without a good map, going to Boston from Chicago will take longer!

Implement the Plan

Get help with the implementation if you cannot get it done alone. Remember it takes a team to grow a business. Remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Where will it get you? Closer to financial freedom? A vice president title? Know the answer.

Be Resource Rich

Be a problem solver. Know where and who to go to for everything. Have your own “Million Dollar Rolodex”.

Act Your Wage

Show up as the professional you are. Don’t skimp on this!!! If you are a top producer show up like one.

Fail your way to Success!

Adopt the good enough is good enough policy. It’s far better to implement and hit a few snags along the way then not to try at all – FAIL FORWARD.

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