Enhance your social media and chances are you will generate more leads. Interestingly however, many commercial real estate professionals immediately discount social media as a lead generating tool. But the truth is, if you work it, stick to it and are consistent, it does work!

The following top 10 Twitter Tips will really help you to grasp the power of the micro blogging phenomenon that is Twitter. Twitter is easy and takes little time.

Keep reading for the top 10 Twitter Tips:

1. Learn about what’s going on in the commercial real estate business/get the latest news – Follow industry leaders, colleagues, competitors & anyone else in our industry. Quickly find out about new market developments, new and sometimes even the latest gossip.

2. Keep an eye on competitors – Monitor your rivals so that you know what they are up to, it may provide inspiration. It will also help you gain a competitive advantage.

3. Build relationships with industry thought leaders – As above, contact industry leaders and other relevant industry professionals including todays top producers. You will begin to develop online and hopefully offline relationships, who over time will consider your opinion and mention you in their social media endeavors. Who can beat free advertising! Connect with industry “celebrities”.

4. Helps with business and sales development – This is a tactic that may take time but one that can pay off if managed correctly. Many business prospects are online and this channel can pay dividends in way of business development. It’s low cost and can convert prospects into customers! Monitor your industry; build relationships!

5. It’s an “extra” customer service channel – Make sure you respond to inquiries (& even complaints) that arrive via Twitter – it will help build that human relationship for your brand. And, your commercial real estate is a brand!

6. Posting client centric tweets will position you as a thought leader in your industry – Tweet genuinely useful information and provide real value in the form of advice, tips or breaking news (not about your ‘new’ company logo or website). By doing this you can position yourself as a thought leader within your market, even if you’re a small potato. Be seen as the INDUSTRY EXPERT!

7. Increase traffic to your site by announcing new content (think listings or new tenant rep assignments), resources, tips, opportunities, and offers of help on Twitter – Announce on Twitter when you have new content or an something else of value that is likely to attract them to your site. Just remember never to bombard people with too many sales messages… primarily provide value.

8. Find out what PEOPLE think about YOUR business – You can monitor what works and doesn’t work on Twitter with freely available tools such as HootSuite, Tweetdeck.

9. Increase your brand loyalty (yes, YOU are a BRAND) by utilizing Twitter & other social media platforms – By interacting with your existing and potential clients on Twitter, particularly when they have had positive experiences, you are likely to gain trust & brand loyalty – and new business. People do business with those they, “like, know and trust”.

10. Ask Questions, Get Opinions, Get Feedback – Twitter allows you the opportunity to ask a large number of people for their thoughts and allows you to open up communication channels. It’s a simple thought but one that can provide important information from people that matter…the client.

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