2011 has started out on a positive note!  We had 35.739 positive absorption for the quarter.  This is more than we’ve had in the last two years!  We are starting to see the signs of the positive momentum from a few deals that occurred in the later part of 2010, but just moved into their space.  Most notably – PNC Mortgage, Wounder Warrior Project and Black Diamond Performance.

Activity has really increased in the last few weeks and several of the other brokers I have spoken to say it is starting to feel normal again.  I am on the Business Development Committee at the Chamber of Commerce and was at a meeting last week.  Cornerstone is reporting they have several large prospects considering a move to the area and one in particular will be a game changer.  I’m hopeful this trend will continue.

Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or want to discuss the market.  Please click here to see our full report on the 1st quarter 2011.

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