The key to success, any success is your MINDSET.

With today’s emerging new economy and the ever-changing ways of generating business — having the right mindset is more important then ever. Adopt the below 5 mindsets and you will automatically have a better 2013…

Mindset Issue #1 – You think it takes luck to create success

Do you look around you and see someone successful and say – Everything they touch turns to gold – they are so lucky? Do you ask yourself why you don’t catch a badly needed break?

Well, what you fail to realize is that luck is not the driving force behind success. Rather it is hard work, good decision-making, planning and discipline.

Lucky people have created their luck, make no mistake about it.

Create your own luck

Mindset Issue  #2 – You don’t trust your gut feelings

There are times when you just know things. You don’t know why or how but you just do. You might even feel it.

Call it intuition, a gut feeling, whatever you’d like. Just pay attention and listen to it. Listen to what it’s saying and learn to trust your gut feeling

Super successful people have mastered this and aren’t afraid to listen. They’re believers.

Gut feelings often call upon all of your past learning’s store deep down in your subconscious and help you to draw conclusions based on experiences.

Start trusting your intuition

Mindset Issue #3 – You lack strategic focus

Many of you are actually trying to do too many things at once and not having success. Why? Because it’s impossible!

You’re spreading yourself too thin. Try building a solid foundation with one, two or even three things.

A lot of people build big things but it doesn’t necessarily lead to more money.

Start by being great with a few things

Mindset Issue #4 — You believe everything you hear and read

Don’t you know that today many stories you read are just an opinion? Know what is based on facts and what represents an opinion.

Be capable of forming your own. There are so many uncertainties today that you need to be mindful about what you do with the information you’re taking in.

Know what’s real and what’s not

Mindset Issue #5 – You don’t value your time

So many of you spend a lot of time with prospects that will never become a customer or client. Maybe it’s because it makes you feel productive or important, who knows. For example if you do a good job qualifying and somebody doesn’t pass the muster test, move on. Don’t tell yourself it might work out – it won’t.

Also, NEVER work without a written agreement – more often then not you’ll get burned – I see this over and over.

This is where knowing your value pays off. You only have so many hours – 1360 I believe – if you’re wasting them in one place you lose your opportunities in another place.

And finally, know your hourly rate.

Start valuing your time beginning today

Put these 5 key mindsets in to daily practice and your profits will grow – guaranteed!

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