In order to achieve maximum success in business you need to have the following 5 pieces in place.


You must get into the habit of setting measurable goals and then planning daily, weekly, monthly and annually the required action steps to achieve these goals. Planning brings clarity for what needs to happen in order for you to achieve your goals.

Just think of a day when you went to work and knew exactly what actions steps you needed to take in order to achieve the results you expected that day. Then, think of a day when you weren’t focused and seemed to spin your wheels all day long. The difference was you planned!

Marketing Mindset

You need to understand you are not just in the business of delivering a service or product but you are in the business of marketing as well. When you learned the business, you were taught how to perform specific services required of your client; or how to sell the products your company produces. Unfortunately, you were not given a course on marketing and now must learn this on your own.

Learning how to market your service/product will give you more bang for your buck then anything else you can do.

Have Systems and Processes in Place

I cannot stress the importance of having systems and processes in place. Why re-invent the wheel every time?

Some examples for useful systems include marketing, prospecting, time management and follow- up. The result of taking the time to implement systems and processes is simple – more time for you!

Have a Winning Team in Place

I think I have always underestimated the importance of a having a winning team in place. And a winning team extends beyond your assistant.

A winning team could include:

Webmaster/Technology Expert
Office Organizer
Marketing Expert
Mastermind Group

Expanding your team will allow you to grow your business faster. Without a team in place you can expand – just not rapidly.

The biggest mistake people make when building a business is adding team members in place after they are needed. This style of growth DOES NOT work. The team needs to be in place before the growth occurs. They (the team) support your growth.

Make Choices

Everyday you make choices for better or worse. For example you made the choice today to read this newsletter and maybe, just maybe, you will pick up a tip or two that will improve your business.

You make the choice to show up to work everyday (or not), to exercise daily (or not), to take action steps that will put money in your pocket (or not); you get the idea.

The choices you make reflect the life you are living. No one else makes these choices for you, you are in control.So, why not choose a little more thoughtfully. Ask yourself what result the choices you are making will bring you.

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