I recently received an email from Mike Lafitte the President of the Americas with CB Richard Ellis who offered some very simple tips that are to helpful not to pass along. I’ve also added a couple of my own.

When leaving your number on voicemail—leave both your NAME and NUMBER on the front end of your message as a courtesy…the recipient then does not have to listen through a potentially long, rambling message to just get your phone number down.

When responding to an email…DO NOT REPLY TO ALL. Before you hit the “Reply to All” button, ask yourself, “Does everyone on this list really need my reply?” Email is a tremendous communications tool. Too often, however, it is overused and can distract us from our real job of serving clients, negotiating transactions, providing advice, building relationships, etc.

Sunset Policy – Any calls received by 3:00 p.m. should be returned the same day. This was a corporate policy when I worked at Barnett Bank many years ago and I still try to adhere to it.

When traveling, sleep on the side of the bed away from the telephone in your hotel room. A tip from a fellow “frequent traveler”—the phone side of the bed is much more heavily used…leading to a worn out side!

Every Day Is a Gift—We should not wish a single day away…each day is a gift. Another way of thinking about it: none of us are on this planet forever—so leave a legacy that we will be proud of and don’t lose sight of what matters.

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