1. Send an email blast to all of the area brokers letting them know the space is/will be available. Include some basic terms and of course your contact information. Be flexible and let people email, call or even text you.
  2. Do a Google search and find out who typically occupies the type and size of space you are offering. Then, send a letter, follow up with a phone call and finally call each potential user.
  3. Post your listing on CoStar, Loopnet, Craigslist, and MLS – Just be sure your information is current, accurate, and contact information is complete.
  4. Drive around and see if any user appears to have either outgrown their space or needs to downsize into the size and type of space you have. Then, call.
  5. Hire a Broker! Broker provides all of the above and many more things that will move your space resulting in…Income for you.

If you need help with your commercial real estate, give me a call…we’ll get together and talk.


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