With much of private contract work by the wayside, now is the time to see what work can be gained from Uncle Sam.

The following are ways your business can increase it’s chances of landing government contracts:

Keep an eye on contracts coming through the pipeline and which businesses are getting work from the city of Jacksonville by regularly checking: www.coj.net.

Get a bidder list to find out who is up for the contract. That way you can make yourself available to the company for subcontract work or make connections so they know of your business when the next contract comes available.
Make sure to attend prebid conferences. You’ll gain a better understanding of what the contract calls for and who your competitors are.

Make sure your proposal is complete and that your business has the manpower, know-how and financial stability to handle the task at hand.

For more help, attend procurement workshops, offered through the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce. Workshops include: “Selling to the Government,” “GSA: Is it Right for You?,” “Marketing to the Government” and “Winning Government Proposals and Bid Writing Techniques.”

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