8 Steps to Closing “The Sale”

There are probably over one-hundred different sales success formulas but I think the below 8 strategies deliver the best results for closing the sale…

1.     Qualify the Buyer

The biggest mistake sales people make is working with unqualified prospects. Additionally, they are then surprised when after a lot of time invested, nothing happens. Remember; qualify the buyer before investing ANY time.

2.     Establish Rapport

People buy from those they know, like and trust – period.

3.     Stand Out From the Competition

What is your unique selling proposition (USP)? What makes you the or your product the perfect choice? If you don’t know the answer, stop, breath, and find out.

4.     Be Armed With Social Proof

Today social proof is key. Social proof can be testimonials, success stories, LinkedIn recommendations, anything that show proof you “walk the talk”.

5.     Identify Needs

What problem does your prospect need solved? How can you be of service?

6.     Say No If You Must

The late and brilliant Steve Jobs was fond of saying, “Say no 1000 times”. If you can’t help, cut them loose.

7.     Be the Solution

You’ve identified the problem; now demonstrate that you are the solution.

8.     Close The Sale

If you have been successful with 1-7 above, it’s time to seal the deal and ask for the business. Hint: You actually have to ASK for the business!

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