Personal recommendations from satisfied customers and clients go a long way in bringing new business to you. So have you ever wondered why the clients who can’t say enough about how much they value working with you never send referrals your way? Or do you wonder why even your family or friends don’t tell others about your wonderful work or product?

 Here are some of the most common reasons why people may not think to refer others to you:

1.  People don’t understand what you do. This is the most common reason I’ve seen. You’ve got to be sure you clearly communicate what you do and the results you get for your clients and customers.

2.  You don’t include getting referrals as an important part of your marketing strategy. So often we get caught up in all of the latest marketing tools and techniques that we lose sight of the basics. If you don’t include getting referrals as part of your overall game plan, you’re most likely missing out on an excellent source of new and repeat business.

3. You don’t think you should have to ask for them. Maybe you believe that your most satisfied current clients would just automatically think to tell others about you. Au contraire! You need to learn how to ask for them.

4. You don’t make it easy to refer you. If other people sent prospects your way, how easy is it to reach you? Be clear you communicate what the best method of reaching you is and be sure to respond quickly and professionally.

5. Your clients don’t feel like they are part of your inner circle. Let’s face it—many people have a need to belong, a need for inclusion in something special or meaningful. Try making your clients feel more like friends than prospects or customers, and they’ll most certainly speak highly of you and your services to others.

6. You don’t have a referral system in place. This is easier than it sounds. Just know what your referral strategies are; document them in a checklist format and then be sure you routinely implement them!

7. You don’t refer people to your clients. The most effective networking doesn’t happen on a one-way street. This most definitely applies to sending new customers to peers, friends and relatives who have their own businesses. You can create a tremendous amount of loyalty (not to mention new business) by doing this.

8. You don’t remember to thank people for referrals. A simple “thank you” once in a while can certainly go a long way. Thanking them for taking the time to promote your will make them feel their efforts are appreciated, which in turn will provide them with motivation to promote you even more.

9. You don’t actively engage in referral networking groups or activities. Do you belong to your local BNI chapter or chamber of commerce? By constantly broadening your personal and professional networks, and engaging with them regularly by providing valuable content and feedback, you will create the goodwill and visibility you need to be on the receiving end of referrals from others.

So there you have them—the top 9 reasons why you might not be getting a steady flow of new referrals from current clients, colleagues or even family. By incorporating referral-getting techniques into all that you do, you may eventually find that they become the most critical part of your overall marketing strategy.  Please let me know if I can assist you with any office needs.

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