Often, the secret of accomplishing big things is to break the big task into lots of small tasks. There’s an old joke I’m sure you’ve heard before.

Question: “How do you eat an elephant?”

Answer: “One bite at a time.”

You can make it a big bite or a small one. By breaking your big projects into little action steps and doing at least one step a day, you can accomplish great things. Just don’t keep all your action steps in your head, a common mistake.

Make a call. Make a list. Send an e-mail. Write a report. Do something. If you make it visible, you won’t fool yourself about whether you’re making progress.

You’re more likely to succeed at small, easy action steps. So when you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things, or the big thing, you have to do, make your action steps smaller and easier. One clue that you need to break your goal into smaller chunks is when you find yourself procrastinating.
Use small wins to build psychological momentum.
Praise yourself by checking off a completed action step. As you achieve one small win after another, you find it easier and easier to take the action steps that generate the wins.

One way to keep things moving is to keep score. Think about the action steps you took today. Think about how they helped you achieve your goals. Savor your victories.

Remember that success usually isn’t a result of achieving great big things all at once. Eat the elephant of a big achievement one bite at a time.

Identify the next small step. Make it visible. Reward yourself for achievement. Then identify the next small action step. Before you know it, you’re done!

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