Recently, I was on a panel about Changes in Workspace at the First Coast Real Estate Outlook Conference.   It really made me realize how much office space has changed in Jacksonville in the last 20 years.  When I first moved to Jacksonville in the early 90s, I worked for Barnett Bank as an asset manager handling the sale of foreclosed properties.  My office was on the 20th floor of the then Barnett Bank (now Bank of America tower).   Everyone had an office with high-end carpet, linen wall coverings and artwork provided by the company.   On the top of the building were the expansive executive offices with furniture from exotic locations, personal restrooms with showers and wet bars!  Now companies have moved in the other direction and don’t want their shareholders to think they are spending too much money.  Most companies are looking for comfortable, collaborative spaces with amenities.  Technology advancements and societal demands are moving workspace from “I” space to “we” space.

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