Lately several tenants who I’m assisting in locating new office space have asked me what is the most effective way to save on their real estate costs and to explain the process.  It started to make me think I needed to have a plan and strategy for my clients to follow when considering their lease options.  I’ve prepared a “Lease Tactics Blueprint” to share with you.  There are five main points to the plan and this month, I will present the basic outline.   Over the next few months, I will provide the details on each point.

Lease Tactics Blueprint

Proven Strategy to Reduce Real Estate Costs

  1. Look into your existing space layout and determine future needs
  2. Evaluate market conditions 
  3. Analyze and compare alternatives
  4. Submit final offers and negotiate business terms 
  5. Execute the Lease and move in  

Each step is paramount to making the best decision for your company.  I find many companies skip the first step and move right into looking for space without really considering where their company is headed.  I usually tell people to look at where you want to be in 3 years.  These days it is harder to look into your crystal ball and know where you will even be in one year much less three.  I have put together some simple questions to ask yourself when analyzing your space needs and will share those with you next month when I get into more detail.

I first wanted to share the five (5) fundamental steps.  I hope you find these helpful and please give me your feedback.

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