A great quote by Steve Jobs:

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

Unless you have been vacationing in outer space or have for some reason become disconnected to our world, you know that on October 5, 2011 Steve Jobs lost his battle with cancer. 

The same week 20/20 did a show that aired His 7 Secrets To Job Success:

1) Do what you love no matter what it happens to be.
2) Put a dent in the universe.
3) Say no to 1000 things.
4) Kickstart your brain and do something new.
5) Sell dreams.
6) Create insanely great experiences.
7) Master the message.

I suggest you Google “Steve Jobs” and watch (especially the 20/20 segment – it’s only 6 ½ minutes) and read some of the articles, quotes and discussion regarding this fascinating man.  He was not afraid to think outside of the box and because of it he made a difference. 

Steve Jobs authorized a biography to be published very shortly (I can’t wait to read it) and although much of it is in his own words it is not autobiographical.  It is said, that despite living an enormously private life, he wanted this book to be written especially for his children.  He wanted them to know what he was doing when he wasn’t at a special event.  

So when you have a chance, steal his philosophies and then do something big, enormous and grand that you might not have done otherwise.  “Make a dent” and “Practice saying ‘No’ 1000 times” — You’ll make more money!

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