Can you believe we’ve had 4 named storms before the end of June?  Summer is here and so is hurricane season.  Since we have already had 2 tropical storms to impact our area, I thought disaster recovery would be a great topic for this month’s newsletter. CBRE is also in the property management business and our managers have plans in place should a disaster occur, but what about you and your business? A high percentage of all small businesses close after a disaster, and mostly because they did not have a plan.

The State Emergency Management website is a great resource to create your step by step plan. There are four key components of an effective plan and they are as follows:

A written plan is essential and provides a “go to” resource for your employees, vendors and clients. Find out from your Landlord what their procedure is for the property should there be an emergency – they may shut down your building.

Now is the time, to make sure you have up-to-date information for all of your employees. Our company has a toll free number that serves as a clearing house for information in case of an emergency.

Start collecting supplies now like bottled water, batteries and packaged foods that may be needed to help out an employee.

Business Continuity
How will you access your data and has your data been backed up? How will you handle payroll? Do you have business interruption insurance? What happens if your business is severely damaged?

I can help locate a temporary location if needed. CBRE also has construction management services.

We don’t usually get major hurricanes in Northeast Florida (The Chamber has a slide in their presentation on this when recruiting businesses) – Let’s hope we are lucky again this year!

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