This past weekend, I cleaned out my closet to make room for my spring and summer clothes.  After I was done, I had so much energy and a great sense of accomplishment.   This starting me thinking about my business and how I could help my clients re-energize and get ready to prosper.  Any time I start to feel sluggish, I take 10 minutes and clean off my desk and it is amazing how this helps my psyche.  Another thing I do is sit down and make a list of items I need to complete and get it off my mind.  I do a lot of daily planning, but some weeks are harder than others, and I start to get off track.   It is so important to get back on track or it seems snowball.

One item businesses should do to stay on track, is analyze their space needs periodically rather than waiting until renewal time.  This could be a way to help you energize your business.  I’ve provided a Space Calculator Program to assist you in this process.  We provide these to our clients, and I think spring is a great time to assess your space needs. 

I am going to be speaking at the Real Estate Outlook Conference on March 23rd about “Changes in the Workspace”.  Over the past 20 years, I’ve seen amazing changes in how people utilize their space.  In the early 90’s, I worked for Barnett Bank and almost everyone had an office with high-end carpet, linen wall coverings and artwork provided by the company.  Times have changed and with technology, we are moving from “I” space to “we” space.  I will have more information next month regarding this topic and how this can help you in your business.

Space Needs Calculator Template

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