Business today isn’t very different from business of yesterday. The rules of success haven’t changed dramatically and in fact are probably exactly the same for business success today as they were 100, even 200 years ago. The key of course, is to be aware of “The 5 Rules of Business Success” and to follow them accordingly. So without further ado, here they are:

Have a Strong Foundation — Have your basic business building blocks firmly in place. Just as you wouldn’t build an office building on a weak foundation, don’t even think about continuing to grow a business on anything less than a very strong foundation. If you do…it will crumble.

Know Where You Are Heading – Have a strong long-term as well as short-term vision for your business. And then, create specific, measurable goals that support that vision.

Market Like Crazy – Have a list of “suspects’ (your database); spend adequate time providing them enough valuable information so that they can become “prospects” and then continue until they convert to clients.

Sell When Appropriate – The secret to sales success is actually receiving a “no”, respecting that no, and then moving on to a prospect who will say “yes”. Too many professionals spend wasteful hours with the no’s.

Follow Up Always – The money is in the follow-up. It’s certainly far easier to keep an existing client then it is to continually get new clients. 95% of your competition fall short with follow-up – dare to breakthrough and deliver superbly with yours!

 Take one rule for business success at a time, master it and then move to the next. Good luck and be sure to let me know the difference that it makes for you!

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