Do you daydream about living to an old age while maintaining both your physical and mental health? Maybe you’d even like to continue to work well into your Golden Years? Well, research has shown you will increase the odds of the above becoming a reality if you are a lifelong learner.


Sounds reasonable; but what does a lifelong learner do and how can you join the club? Simple, just follow most of the below bullets and then…you’ll be sure to live a “rich”, healthy, and long life…


We are surrounded by opportunities to learn; even overwhelmed. Below are my favorites:


1.     It Starts With A Positive Mental Attitude

Napoleon Hill can take credit for this one (Author of “Think and Grow Rich). Life is better if you possess and maintain a positive attitude. It also opens more doors for you every step of the way…


2.     Read Books

This is easier then ever today with so many of us owning iPads and Kindles. I even discovered I could read a book on my iPhone! Make it a goal to read at least one book each month. That’s 12 books a year – think of what you’ll learn…


3.     Read Magazines and Trade Journals

Stay informed about what’s either important or interesting to you by subscribing to a few relevant peridicals.


4.     Listen to Audio Books

This is so easy. Books on cd are available at your library, Amazon, and most bookstores. While on your commute to work, instead of stressing out over the traffic why not listen to books.


5.     Attend Seminars and Webinars

Choose 1 event each quarter; sign up and then remember to attend. You’ll be re-energized!


6.     Offer to Speak

Committing to be a speaker is a great way to learn because it will force you to become an expert on your subject matter.


7.     Get Published

Get published and watch your status quickly jump to that of an expert. And like speaking, writing forces you to really know your topic.


8.     Continuing Education

A great way to meet people, socialize and learn all at the same time. Try the local community college or maybe sign up for a course online.


9.     Google is Your Best Friend

If you don’t know something and want to learn about it, just use Google and the world is yours.


10.Practice What You’ve Learned

Practicing what you learn will force you to put your newfound knowledge to work and most likely fatten your wallet at the same time.

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