Wealthy people do certain things that guarantee success. They follow three principles that the average man on the street is completely unaware of. These principles are not complicated and don’t require rocket science. No matter what your excuses may be, you can qualify to be among the elite by following these same principles.

Principle One

Wealthy people focus on what they want to achieve. They have goals and the confidence they will get what they want. For them it’s not a question of if, but when it will happen. The difference between them and the average man is that the average man focuses his attention on what he doesn’t want and consequently, gets more of it. He dwells on want all day long. That kind of focus pulls him away from achieving a desired goal. In other words, he focuses so much on lack that he consistently lets opportunities slip by.

The rich and famous don’t just hope for a better future, they know they will reach their dreams. Their self confidence overrides any negative setbacks on the way to their goals. They see and feel success well before they achieve it. 

Principle Two

The wealthy take action. Once they’ve mapped out their plans, they don’t hesitate and wait for the ideal circumstances to present themselves. They know, as do millions of men and women across the globe, that failure is always a possibility, but they have an unshakable belief that their ideas can contribute to the betterment of their lives and those of mankind in general. They don’t waste time doing things that have no relevance to their goals.

Of course, patience is a virtue as no goal is ever achieved overnight. It takes effort. Unfortunately, too many people today have been trained into believing in quick fixes.  That’s one of the major reasons why so many get into financial trouble, buying on credit without having the resources to pay for their purchases. They “must have today”, regardless of the future consequences.

Wealthy people take inspired action that moves them toward what they want. They have a manifest desire to do what it takes short of taking unlawful action.

The more successful they become, the more they attract like-minded people that complement their skills. In other words they create a Mastermind group as Napoleon Hill refers to in his book Think and Grow Rich. 

Principle Three

Successful people are thankful for what they have. From Andrew Carnegie to Bill Gates, many millionaires have felt privileged to be granted wealth and, as a result, give away some of their fortune to charities and worthwhile causes.

Appreciation is one principle that separates the millionaire from those that engage in bribery, corruption and abuse their power. Such practices do create wealth, but such people ultimately become exposed as frauds and live short lives.

Appreciation is an important key as it dampens greed and vanity that are increasingly prevalent today. Few heads of households know what it means to be grateful for what they do have. They are forever grasping for more, but neglecting the spiritual implications of their actions.

These secrets are often overlooked. Yet taking action to achieve a specific goal and being appreciative of every breath can greatly increase the likelihood of success.

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